Water Bath Constant Temperature Oscillator Series

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Water bath constant temperature oscillator is a biochemical instrument that combines temperature controllable constant temperature water bath and oscillator. It is indispensable for precision cultivation and preparation in scientific research, education, and production departments such as plants, biology, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, environmental protection, and medicine Laboratory equipment.

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Structural Features

·Accurate digital display of temperature control, with timing function.
·There are small waves during oscillation, but no waves splash; the universal spring test bottle rack is especially suitable for the cultivation and preparation of biological samples for a variety of comparative experiments.
·Stepless speed regulation, stable transportation, simple and safe operation.
·The inner cavity is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.
·This machine also has over-temperature and low-temperature alarm functions.

·Constant Temperature Oscillator Factory and Constant Temperature Oscillator Supplier.

Technical parameters

Item technical parameter
1 Product number SPTC-AH roundabout SPTC-BW reciprocating SPTC-H/W  Swivel/Reciprocating
2 Temperature control range Room temperature +5-100℃
3 Temperature control accuracy ±0.2℃
4 Timing range 0-999 minute
5 voltage AC  220V 50Hz
6 range of rotation 0-300Rpm/min
7 Swing amplitude Φ20(mm)
8 Operation area mm 380×280mm
9 heating power 1500W

Remark:The performance parameter test under no-load conditions is ambient temperature 20℃, ambient humidity 50%RH.

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