Laboratory Nonwoven Filter Bags

Short Description:

  • Simple operation
  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for Ankom fat extractor instrument
  • Accurate measurement
  • Safety and environmental protection
  • Fast processing
  • Suitable for ankom fat extractor

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What it can do for you

SPTC-F01 Nonwoven Filter Bags is used for the determination of fat content in feed materials, finished product and food. It is made of imported non-woven fabric with fine texture and moderate softness, designed independently by our R&D lab with patented design. After repeated experimental tests, the quality of the filter bag can be guaranteed, which can greatly reduce the chances of problems with the experimental data. It is applicable to ankom fat extractor and other instruments and equipment.



  • Feed factory: Testing the fat content of feed ingredients and finished feed products.
  • Food manufacturer: Testing the fat content of food.
  • Chemical plant: Detection of ingredients in chemical products
  • University Laboratory
  • It is applicable to Ankom fat extractor and other instruments and equipment

Technical parameters


Imported non-woven fabric



Drying weight loss rate


Preservation conditions

Store at room temperature, dry and dark

Attention Points

The drying temperature should not be high than 105°C



Use a separate special solvent-resistant marker to mark the number.

weigh 1.0± 0.05g crushed sample in the filter bag, put it in a 100±2℃ oven, dry for 3h, take it out, and cool it in a desiccator for 30- 45min Weigh.

And then put it into the ANKOM XT15i automatic fat analyzer to extract the fat in the sample, take it out; put it in an oven at 100±2℃, dry for 30- 45min, and take it out.

Cool it in a desiccator for 30- 45min, and weigh it. The determination of fat content in feed material and food can be realized.

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