• SPTC2500 Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer

    SPTC2500 Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer

    • Imported core devices
    • Wide spectral range
    • High wavelength accuracy
    • The calibration points are evenly distributed in the whole wavelength range
    • The software is easy to operate and powerful
    • The model can be transferred, greatly reducing the cost of model promotion
    • Absorption Spectrometer Factory
  • AN-15A Multi-Functional micro plate reader Instrument

    AN-15A Multi-Functional micro plate reader Instrument

    • We are Elisa Reader 450 Nm Factory and Elisa Reader 450 Nm Supplier
    • Industrial grade color display, touch screen operation
    • Eight channel optical fiber measurement
    • Center positioning function, accurate and reliable
    • Three kinds of linear vibration plate function
    • Unique open Cut-Off judgment formula
    • Multiple wavelength test modes
    • Configure inhibition rate measurement module

    30% discount for the first order. Inquiry now!

  • AHZT-2020 Automatic Microplate Washer

    AHZT-2020 Automatic Microplate Washer

    • We are Elisa Reader With Washer Factory
    • Industrial grade color LCD display, touch screen operation
    • Three kinds of linear vibration plate function
    • Ultra long soak time design, can serve multiple purposes
    • Have a variety of Washing mode, support user programming
    • Extra Wide voltage input design, global voltage
    • Up to 4 kinds of liquid channels can be selected, no need to replace reagent bottle

    30% discount for the first order.  Inquiry now.

  • SPTC302 Automatical Disinfection Machine

    SPTC302 Automatical Disinfection Machine

    • High-quality international standard stainless steel plate, reliable connection and assembly, overall strong and durable;
    • Microcomputer intelligent control, intuitive and accurate;
    • ultrasonic high-frequency atomizer;
    • industrial-grade waterproof and anti-corrosion fan;
    • independent design of electric control box.
  • Carbon dioxide cell incubator II

    Carbon dioxide cell incubator II

    SPTCEY model carbon dioxide incubators are commonly used in cell dynamics research, collection of mammalian cell secretions, carcinogenic or toxicological effects of various physical and chemical factors, research and production of antigens ,etc.

    We are carbon dioxide incubator factory, this carbon dioxide incubator is widely used in many key university laboratories and agricultural research institutes in China, and SPTC’s products have become one of the most reliable cabinet equipment on the market.

  • Constant Temperature Culture Shaker Series

    Constant Temperature Culture Shaker Series

    Constant temperature culture shaker (also known as constant temperature oscillator) is widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization and biochemical reactions, enzymes, cell tissue research, etc., which have high requirements for temperature and vibration frequency. It has a wide range of applications in biology, medicine, molecular science, pharmacy, food, environmental protection and other research fields.

  • Electric Heating Constant Temperature Incubator

    Electric Heating Constant Temperature Incubator

    As Co2 Incubator Humidity Factory and Co2 Incubator Humidity Suppliers, we have reliable products.The product is used for distillation, drying, concentration and constant temperature heating of chemicals, biological manufacturing, examination of serum biochemical experiments, constant temperature culture, and boiling disinfection of syringes and small surgical instruments.

  • Artificial Climate Control Box Series

    Artificial Climate Control Box Series

    The artificial climate box is a high-precision hot and cold constant temperature device with illumination and humidification functions, providing users with an ideal artificial climate experiment environment. It can be used for plant germination, seedling, tissue, and microbial cultivation; insect and small animal breeding; BOD determination for water body analysis, and artificial climate tests for other purposes. It is ideal test equipment for production and scientific research departments such as bio-genetic engineering, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry, and aquatic products.

  • Laboratory Purification Workbench Series

    Laboratory Purification Workbench Series

    With the rapid development of science and technology, air cleaning technology has been widely used in technology and production fields such as space, navigation, pharmacy, microorganisms, genetic engineering, and food industry.

    The SW-CJ purification workbench is a kind of purification equipment that provides a local clean environment. Its use has good effects on improving process conditions, improving product quality and finished product qualification rate.

  • TD4 Vehicle mounted Table Low Speed Centrifuge

    TD4 Vehicle mounted Table Low Speed Centrifuge

    ◎ Small Size, great space saver for the lab.

    ◎ Digital display.

    ◎ High performance with low noise.

    ◎ Suction cup at bottom,suitable for vehicle.

  • SPTC2500 Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer

    SPTC2500 Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer

    SPTC2500 near infrared spectrum analyzer is a new second-generation grating scanning integrating sphere near infrared spectrum analyzer of Sichuan Sophisticated Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. The appearance design of the product has a sense of art, simple structure, easy maintenance, large luminous flux, stable performance, accurate data, firmness and durability. Based on the previous generation products, sptc2500 has more perfect software and hardware, reaching a faster, more accurate, more stable and more beautiful level. It can be widely used in the rapid analysis of feed, agriculture, food, tobacco, pharmaceutical and industrial samples.

  • ZL3 Series Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

    ZL3 Series Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

    The ZL3 series vacuum centrifugal concentrator combines centrifugation, vacuuming and heating to efficiently evaporate solvent and recover biological or analytical samples. Widely used in life sciences and chemistry, pharmaceutical and other fields.

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