SPTC2500 Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer

SPTC2500 Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer

SPTC2500 near infrared spectrum analyzer is a new second-generation grating scanning integrating sphere near infrared spectrum analyzer of Sichuan Sophisticated Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. The appearance design of the product has a sense of art, simple structure, easy maintenance, large luminous flux, stable performance, accurate data, firmness and durability. Based on the previous generation products, sptc2500 has more perfect software and hardware, reaching a faster, more accurate, more stable and more beautiful level. It can be widely used in the rapid analysis of feed, agriculture, food, tobacco, pharmaceutical and industrial samples.


Quality optical composition

Sichuan Sophisticated Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. has a strong supplier library of imported core components in Mianyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, China’s “science and technology city”. The core components of instruments involved in near-infrared spectrometers are all international leading brand products. We also have a 100000 class clean optical R & amp; D and assembly workshop, and have established corresponding production management systems to ensure the optical structure, optical accuracy Consistency of bandwidth.

Wide wavelength range

The instrument covers an ultra wide spectral range of 900-2500 nm (11111-4000 cm-1). Whether detecting simple parameters such as water, fat and crude protein, or complex parameters such as amino acids and fibers, it can fully reflect the group vibration absorption information, and obtain corresponding accurate results within 1 min. it is suitable for the simultaneous analysis of multiple indicators of multiple types of samples.

Model professional accuracy

Sichuan Sophisticated Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. has established various functional testing laboratories specialized in providing data support for near-infrared. Using the classical partial least squares algorithm technology, it can easily and quickly establish professional and accurate near-infrared quantitative analysis model for users, and also support the establishment of qualitative identification analysis model. The software is easy to operate and has comprehensive functions. One click nondestructive and fast operation, while analyzing a variety of indicators, has simple requirements for operation scene and operator quality.

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