Professsional laboratory incubator, centrifuge and consumables provider

Professsional laboratory incubator, centrifuge and consumables provider

We, Sophisticated Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd (SPTC) Co.Ltd, is professional in precision lab and medical equipment for nearly 8 years, covering high precision lab equipment, medical equipment, Lab Consumable, biological sciences, etc.

Take the following four products for example.

1. Small capacity constant temperature culture shaker

It is widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction, enzyme and cell tissue research with high requirements for temperature and vibration frequency. It is widely used in biology, medicine, molecular science, pharmacy, food, environmental protection and other research fields.

2. Vacuum drying oven

For factories and mining enterprises, scientific research in Colleges and universities and various laboratories to dry articles under vacuum conditions.
Reduce drying temperature
Avoid heating and oxidation of articles
Avoid hot air killing organisms
No dust particle damage

3. Table high speed refrigerated centrifuge

It is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology and etc. It is an indispensable instrument for centrifugation at hospitals, research institutes and universities.

4. Table low speed refrigerated centrifuge

Suitable for separation and purification of radio immunity, clinical medicine, biochemistry, biopharmaceyticals and blood products. It is an indispensable indtitutes and universities.

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