Class II biosafety cabinet Promotion on Fridays

Class II biosafety cabinet Promotion on Fridays

Class II biosafety cabinet-BSC-1000IIB2 is 30% discount on Fridays

◎ Air flow mode: 100% discharge, 0 cycles required.
◎ Meet the standards of nsf49 and en12469, and the product executive standard: the pharmaceutical industry standard of the people’s Republic of China “yy0569-2011″.
◎ The outer box is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and electrostatic plastic spraying, the three sides of the operation area are of stainless steel integrated structure, and the internal clean parts are treated with 10mm large rounded corners for easy cleaning.
◎ Two ULPA ultra-high efficiency filters are the standard, and the closure efficiency of 99.999% can be achieved for 012um particle system. The filter membrane is composed of borosilicate glass fiber without diaphragm.
◎ LCD can display system parameters such as working area temperature, air flow, service life of filter membrane and so on. The setting of various parameters, the blue screen digital indication of various parameter values and the setting of password modification program can be adjusted to prevent misoperation.
◎ With unique negative pressure leak proof design, the working area is surrounded by negative pressure to truly realize zero leakage and ensure the cleanness of the operation area.
◎ The fan has voltage fluctuation compensation function and resistance induction compensation function to prolong the service life of ultra-high efficiency filter.
◎ The working area and external air outlet are equipped with high-sensitivity and high-precision breeze wind speed sensor, which can detect the wind speed in real time.
◎ Temperature sensor: it can detect and display the temperature in real time.
◎ Equipped with filter pre fault, damage and blocking alarm technology, fan overload alarm prompt.
◎ Equipped with height limit alarm device, when the moving glass door exceeds the specified height limit (200mm), it will remind the user through sound and light.
◎ Ffunction of parameter memory and incoming call recovery to protect power failure and data loss in crash state
◎ The front suction port adopts a smooth return air design to ensure that personnel can effectively prevent the formation of countercurrent during operation and improve safety.
◎ Power supply: waterproof socket design, the whole machine has power-off protection function, and the operation is more flexible and convenient.
◎ The exhaust pipe can be connected with the purification project to automatically realize supplementary exhaust.



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