AHZT-2020 Automatic Microplate Washer

AHZT-2020 Automatic Microplate Washer

AHZT-2020 Automatic Microplate Washer is a medical laboratory auxiliary equipment. It can be used to clean some residual substances after enzyme plate detection, so as to reduce the error caused by residues in the subsequent detection process.


It is designed with the advanced non-positive/negative pressure technology, supporting strip and plate cyclic washing. There are two washing modes: washing at a standard speed and quick washing. And the cup bottom can resist scratching. With 5.6 inch color LCD screenTouch screen input, Support 7*24 hours continuous boot,and has the non working period energy conservation management function. It is a necessary instrument for related laboratories.


Industrial grade color LCD display, touch screen operation
Three kinds of linear vibration plate function.
Ultra long soak time design, can serve multiple purposes.
Have a variety of Washing mode, support user programming.
Extra Wide voltage input design, global voltage.
Up to 4 kinds of liquid channels can be selected, no need to replace reagent bottle.

Various laboratories
Food manufacturer
Clinical experimental study in hospital
University Research


Technical parameters:

Washing Standard configuration of one 8-needle wash head and one 12-needle wash head,double-row needle design, two ends disassembled for washing
Applicable plate types Flat bottom, U-shape, V-shape 96-hole Elisa plate or strips, storage of 20 plate types supported
Washing liquid channel Standard configuration of one channel, at most four channels optional
Quantity of residual fluid Every hole 1uL on average
Cleaning time 0-99 times
Volume of injecting liquid 50-350 ul for single hole settable, 10uL for stepping
Cleaning rows number 1-12 rows settable, cross-row washing supported
Liquid injection pressure 1-5 levels adjustable, liquid injection / suction time: 0-9s settable
Soaking time 0-24h, hour / minute / second figures settable
Program storage 200 groups of programs can be stored. Program preview, invocation or real-time modification is supported
Vibration function Three levels of vibration strength (from the weak to the strong) are optional, and vibration time of 0-24h is adjustable
Liquid level warning An alarm will be given when the waste liquid bottle is full
Input display function 5.6h color LCD display, touch screen input, 7*24h continuous working supported, energy conservation management during non-working hours supported
Power input AC100V-240V 50-60Hz wide voltage design
Washing bottles Standard configuration of three 2L reagent bottles
Composition The plate washing machine consists of the LCD display screen, touch screen, micro-computer control system, washing device, liquid injection pump, suction pump, etc.
Instrument size At the side of module: about 380x330x222 (mm)
Instrument quality About 9KG

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