Mini centrifuge

  • Super MiniStar Centrifuge

    Super MiniStar Centrifuge

    Super MiniStar micro centrifuge equipped with two kinds of centrifugal rotors and a variety of test tube sets. It is suitable for 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifuge tubes and PCR with 0.2ml and 8 rows of centrifuge tubes.
    Flip switch designed which automatically stops while open the lid, timing function and speed adjustment build in. Fully transparent cover, multiple rotor available.

  • MiniStar Plus

    MiniStar Plus

    Unique rotor Snap-On design to replace the rotor without any tools.

    The compound test tube rotor compatible with more rotors.

    High-strength main body and rotor material.

  • MiniMax17 Table High Speed Centrifuge

    MiniMax17 Table High Speed Centrifuge

    ◎ Small size, great space saver for the lab

    ◎ Steel structure, centrifuge chamber made of stainless steel.

    ◎ AC frequency variable motor drive, stably and quietly during operation.

  • MiniStarTable Mini Portable centrifuge

    MiniStarTable Mini Portable centrifuge

    1.APPEARANCE: Streamline Design, small volume, beautiful and generous
    2.Materials and technology: HIGH-QUALITY COMPOSITE MATERIALS, modern production technology, strict quality assurance system.

  • Micro-plate Centrifuge

    Micro-plate Centrifuge

    2-4 micro porous plate centrifuge is our company specializes in 96-hole design of the instantaneous centrifuge to facilitate the liquid separation from the wall. Most micro plate centrifuges on the market are bulky and occupy a large space of labora- tories, this micro plate centrifuge is unique designed and small, only 23x20cm. The micro plate is vertically loaded into the rotor from the top slot of the centrifuge, and the liquid is kept at the bottom of the micro plate due to the surface tension. Therefore, it will not leak at all.