Functional centrifuge

  • TD4 Vehicle mounted Table Low Speed Centrifuge

    TD4 Vehicle mounted Table Low Speed Centrifuge

    ◎ Small Size, great space saver for the lab.

    ◎ Digital display.

    ◎ High performance with low noise.

    ◎ Suction cup at bottom,suitable for vehicle.

  • ZL3 Series Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

    ZL3 Series Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

    The ZL3 series vacuum centrifugal concentrator combines centrifugation, vacuuming and heating to efficiently evaporate solvent and recover biological or analytical samples. Widely used in life sciences and chemistry, pharmaceutical and other fields.

  • TD4X Blood bank Centrifuge

    TD4X Blood bank Centrifuge

    The td4x blood bank centrifuge is a special centrifuge designed to meet the needs of rapid centrifugation of blood bank.

    This machine is a special centrifuge for blood group serum, which is used for antibody screening, cross matching (coagulum amine method) and blood group identification of complete antibody and incomplete antibody.

  • TD4M Dental Centrifuge

    TD4M Dental Centrifuge

    In the field of dental implantation, major breakthroughs have been made in the research of implant surgery for the lack of local alveolar process bone or the repair of bone defect around the implant due to various reasons. Concentrate Growth Factor (CGF), a new generation of plasma extract, can significantly shorten the time of osteogenesis, improve the quality of osteo- genesis and promote the healing of osteogenesis and tissue. Specifically, guided bone regeneration technology, combined with periosteal surface coverage to accelerate soft tissue heal- ing, for maxillary sinus elevation, after tooth extraction. Carved implants, preservation of alveolar ridge sites, treatment of jaw cysts and alveolar bone repair.

  • TD4B cyto centrifuge/Table Cell Smear Centrifuge

    TD4B cyto centrifuge/Table Cell Smear Centrifuge

    Immune blood centrifuge is dedicated red blood cell cleaning / SERO rotor, special lymphocyte cleaning / HLA rotor.

    Cell smear centrifuge is widely used in immune blood labora- tory, laboratory, research room, can carry out red blood cell serology and antigen experiment. Identification of antibodies and results of Coombs experiments.

  • L4-4F Benchtop Filtration Centrifuge

    L4-4F Benchtop Filtration Centrifuge

     L4-4F filter centrifuge can separate solid particles of different diameters by selecting different filter media, and the diameter of the solid particles can be separated by 1 um with higher dryness level.

  • L3-5KM/L4-5KM Beauty Centrifuge

    L3-5KM/L4-5KM Beauty Centrifuge

    Platelet Rich Plasma Centrifuge, Self-fat transplantation centrifuges.

    In order to fully discharge PRP, PRP injection and beauty centrifuge has done a lot of research on rotor, rotation speed, centrifugal force and lifting speed. It has greatly improved the effective extraction rate of PRP and shortened the operation time. It can be equipped with a special PRP kit imported from South Korea, which greatly improves the effective extraction efficiency of PRP, making the whole treatment process easier, faster and more effective.

  • H2-12K Capillary Tube Centrifuge

    H2-12K Capillary Tube Centrifuge


    H2-12K Capillary blood centrifuge is mainly used to determine the hematocrit value in blood and the micro-solution separation of trace blood.

  • ES-6T Blood bag balancer

    ES-6T Blood bag balancer

    Es-6t leveling instrument is an intelligent balancing instrument for centrifuge, which can be configured accurately and quickly, so as to ensure the separation quality and improve the service life of centrifuge. It is an professional equipment for blood component preparation. A good helper of blood component separation and the best partner of centrifuge.

  • DL5Y/TDL5Y Petroleum Centrifuge

    DL5Y/TDL5Y Petroleum Centrifuge


    DL5Y was designed based on the method to measure moisture and precipitate in crude oil (centrifugation method) and man- ufactured based on GB/T6533-86 standard to utilize centrif- ugation to measure the level of moisture and precipitate in the crude oil. It is ideal equipment for oil extraction and for scientific institute to measure moisture level.


  • Cold trap

    Cold trap

    Cold trap is an efficient solvent rapid capture system for the condensation of solvent vapor. When the cold trap condenses steam into liquid, the reduction of gaseous substances improves the vacuum degree of the system, so as to speed up the concentration process and significantly improve the performance of the vacuum concentration system.


  • TD5B Gerber Centrifuge

    TD5B Gerber Centrifuge

     As Wholesale Vacuum Ovens Factory and Wholesale Vacuum Ovens Supplier, we provide reliable products. TD5B Gerber milk centrifuge is specially designed for the determination of fat in dairy products. It can be used to detect milk fat by four methods which are: Gerber, Ross, pasteur-ization and solubility. With the heating function, ensured the temperature of the milk fat tube in the centrifuge process is above 50℃.


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