Electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven series 300

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It is used for various tests in scientific research units, universities, medical institutions, industrial and mining enterprises and other units and departments, such as drying, disinfection, sterilization, curing and other applications.

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Structural Features

· The microcomputer intelligent P.I.D. controller, after setting the temperature, the meter automatically controls the heating power and displays the heating status, and the temperature control is accurate and stable.
· Over-temperature sound and light alarm and automatically cut off the heating power.
· Built-in two-layer stainless steel shelf, the height can be adjusted freely.
· The box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is electrostatic sprayed, the coating is hard and firm, and it has a strong anti-rust ability. The studio is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with rounded corners in the box, smooth and easy to clean。
· Special low-noise fan can run stably for a long time under high temperature.
·Independent temperature limit alarm system, immediately and automatically interrupt when the temperature exceeds the limit, to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment
·Optional multi-segment program controller, convenient for long-term multi-temperature point test (optional).
·Can be equipped with a printer or RS-485 interface, connected to a computer to record changes in parameters such as temperature

Technical parameters

item technical parameter
1 Product number SPTCDR-9073-03 SPTCDR-9143-03 SPTCDR-9243-03 SPTCDR-9423-03 SPTCDR-9623-03
2 Volume 72L 136L 225L 429L 624L
3 heating method Stainless steel electric heater
4 Temperature control range Room temperature +5℃-300℃ Room temperature +5℃-250℃/ Room temperature +5℃-300℃( custom)
5 Temperature resolution 0.1℃
6 Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
7 Number of shelves 2 3
8 Operating Hours 1-9999 Minutes /continuous
9 Power 1600W 2200W 2400W 3580W 5440W
10 Power Supply AC  220V 50Hz AC 380V 50Hz Three-phase five-wire
11 Operation area mm 400×400×450 450×550×550 500×600×750 600×550×1300 800×600×1300
12 Dimensions mm 590×540×790 640×690×890 690×740×1090 820×740×1780 1020×790×1780

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