airflow salt spray corrosion test box series

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Adaptability and reliability test of equipment and electronic components under marine climate conditions; It is also used to judge and assess the corrosion resistance of electroplating layer and paint film of metal coating, and to identify the accelerated corrosion test of metal materials.

The design and manufacture of this product comply with the national standard GB10587 “Technical Conditions of Salt Spray Test Chamber”;

The sample test can be carried out in accordance with the national standard GB2423-17 “Basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products, experimental ka: salt spray test methods” and IEC68-2-11 “Basic environmental test procedures part 2: experimental ka: salt spray” and other standards Related salt spray test.

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Structural Features

As one of Salt Spray Cabinets Factories, the shell material of the salt spray test chamber is made of polyester FRP mold, with smooth and beautiful appearance, good acid-base resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and high strength.

This product has a device to control and adjust the amount of salt spray deposition, and the dual adjustment functions of inlet pressure and spray pressure, so that the salt spray test meets the standard requirements.。The spray electric control adopts high-precision microcomputer P.I.D. intelligent controller, Pt100 platinum resistance sensor, and large-screen backlit LCD display. Tower spray system, the salt spray is evenly distributed, the settlement amount can be adjusted freely, the upper cover adopts a water-sealed structure, and there is no salt spray overflow.Spray is equipped with two ways of continuous spray and periodic spray for users to choose. After the spray and spray stop time of the periodic spray controller is set, it can work automatically, and the operation is simple and convenient. It has independent temperature limiting protection device, overtemperature sound and light alarm device, and the timing range is 1min-999 hours and 59 minutes.
The door can choose glass fiber reinforced plastic or transparent PVC material, and the upper cover of transparent PVC material can monitor the spray status in the box and the working condition of the sample at any time.
The opening of the box door is started by compressed air, which is easy to operate (only yw-1000 type).

Technical parameters

Serial number project technical parameter
1 Product model SPTC-150 SPTC-250 SPTC-750 SPTC-1000
2 temperature range room temperature +5-50℃
3 Temperature resolution 0.1℃
4 Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
5 Salt spray deposition rate 1.0-2.0ml/h·80cm2
6 Spray mode Two types of continuous spraying and periodic spraying are optional (optional)
7 Power 1500W 2500W 4500W 5500W
8 Working power supply AC  220V 50Hz AC 380V 50Hz
9 Studio size mm 580×450×400 1000×640×500 1100×740×600


10 Overall dimension mm 1180×760×1100 1550×880×1230 1650×1050×1300


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