5-5N Constant temperature centrifuge

Short Description:

Constant temperature Automatic Uncap centrifuge for Aerosol Purification.

The centrifugal cavity is equipped with an independent ultraviolet sterilization device.


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Structural Features

◎ Exclusive constant temperature, full sealing and anti aerosol design, blocking the spread of bacteria, temperature control range 15℃ ~ 25 ℃。The centrifugal cavity is equipped with an independent ultraviolet sterilization device;

◎ Independent basket design of uncap rotor, equipped with air tight biosafety lid;

◎ The success rate of automatic decapping (decapping) of vacuum blood collection vessels is as high as 99.9%。

◎ can be compatible with 2 / 3ml and 5 / 7ml blood collection vessels at the same time;

◎ The shell is made of all steel, with 3 layers of built-in protective structure to ensure the safety of working personnel. The patented technology of double-layer sound insulation and noise reduction can enjoy quiet experimental space.

◎ LED digital display ;

◎ 10 speed up / down regulation, free parking, centrifugal effect is the best.

◎ Electronic door lock , which has higher safety. It also has multiple protection functions such as over speed, over temperature, imbalance, etc.

Technical parameters

Model 5-5N
Max RPM 5500rpm
Max RCF 5310×g
Max Capacity 120Tube uncap basket
Timer 1min ~ 99min59s
Revolutions/min 185nm Ozone ultraviolet
Temp Accuracy 15℃~ 25℃(constant temperature)
Temp Accuracy ±1.0℃
Revolutions/min ±10r/min
Voltage AC 220±22V 50Hz 15A
Power Variable frequency motormicrocomputer control
Noise Level ≤ 60dB(A)
Chamber Diameter Φ450mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 910×790×630 (mm)
Packaging Dimensions 1010×880×750 (mm)
Net Weight 170kg
Gross Weight 192kg



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