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Sichuan Sophisticated Scientific Instruments(SPTC) is a subsidiary company owned by Anhao Zhongtai. Located in the greatest city called Mianyang, which has always been a major part of Chinese national defense and the most cutting-edge technologies that lead the industries.  We are devoted to the R&D of laboratory instruments and medical equipment research and manufacturing in food, environmental protection, edible oil, feed production, testing, epidemic prevention, and other chemical inspection and testing industries.
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    A new fat determination method—filter fat bag

    Now people have abandoned the traditional Soxhlet extraction method in the experiment and used a more efficient filter fat bag method. TheVSPTC  filter bag method is not only simple and efficient, but also safer. Below is the method to use filter fat bag   1. Mark the number with another spe...
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    Study on the dynamics of simulated diet fermentation in Ankom vitro

    Scheme summary: Ankom Daisy Ⅱ simulated incubator was used to study the in vitro digestibility of the diet, and ankom RFs in vitro gas production measurement system was used to automatically detect the amount of gas produced by the fermentation of the diet.   Ankom RFs in vitro gas production me...
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    Application of molecular spectroscopy in catalytic research

    Catalysts play an important role in the development of chemical industry and society. Catalysts promote the reform and development of chemical industry. However, with the process of industrialization in various countries, the development of chemical industry also brings some environmental problem...
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Our vision is “Trade with integrity, continuing the pursuit of cutting edge technologies”. Our mission is to build customers’ trust in technical service, fulfillment of staff’s happiness, and assist to customer value achievement.

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